We are award winning designers who provide bespoke design services to create beautiful, crafted spaces, tailored to your needs and desires.



We can provide you with full design services from start to finish including the exterior and interior design and branding enhancement + integration. 



We can provide all levels of interior design services including hard fitout, such as kitchen, bathroom and cabinetry design as well as soft fitout, including elements such as furniture and lighting selection.

Atelier Aitken Interior design bespoke lighting pendant.jpg


We can custom design furniture and light fittings for your project, such as these 'ménage à trois' light fittings that we designed and had handmade locally by Monmouth Glass Studios.

Some examples of our work and the interior design palettes that we work with are shown below. 



Our ‘Nord’ palette is very much influenced by beautifully crafted and yet simple Scandanavian design. Drawing from the Nordic style, this palette suits homes with a lot of natural timber and relatively clean lines. It can equally suit a luxurious beach side home or a cosy urban retreat.  Tableware and soft furnishings generally come in neutral colours and natural materials but there can also be pops of colour to create a more playful space if desired.  This palette is equally at home in a beautiful beach home or cosy urban retreat.


atelier aitken interiors nord palette
atelier aitken nord omaha
Atelier Aitken Oak Stair bookcase detail.jpg
Atelier Aitken Omaha Elegant Boatshed Home Master ensuite .jpg
Atelier Aitken Interiors Nordic Living Room.jpg
Atelier Aitken Breamtail Bach Kitchen 17BMP.jpg
Atelier Aitken Omaha Home Art Gallery Master Bedroom Oak Yellow blue velvet.JPG
Atelier Aitken Timber bathroom Breamtail.jpeg



 Dune provides a seaside palette that is both natural and beautiful. The furniture is focused on providing spaces for relaxation. The material palette calls for timber, cane and linen and often has raw materials, such as concrete or timber, as the backdrop. This palette various provides a balance between light weight elements and soft & cosy furnishings.


atelier aitken dune palette
Atelier Aitken Interior Design for Tara Iti Home for SJI - Dune.jpg



This palette offers a warm and finely crafted aesthetic. It has a deco and parlouresque feel. The space will often pair brass tones with a natural timber such as walnut or brick base and be highlighted with natural planting, brass and/or velvet accents. This is a fairly broad one that encompasses any thing from pastel shades to deep dark crushed velvets.  A few of our current projects and mood images are shown below.


atelier aitken interior design retro velvet
anders and co vases.jpg
anders co leather couch green velvet cushions
atelier aitken interiors tom dixon breamtail
atelier aitken interior design parlour
Atelier Aitken Neo deco series.jpg
Atelier Aitken Interiors Mt Eden Home kitchen.jpg
Atelier Aitken Interiors - Mt Eden Home Kitchen.jpg
Atelier Aitken Interiors - Mt Eden Home Dining.png
Atelier Aitken Interiors - Mt Eden Home ensuite.png



Noir is reminescent of drinking cocktails, while listening to live jazz in a darkly lit space. This palette provides a sensuous space that is luxurious and inviting. The space may be entirely monochromatic or it may have some subtle highlights of brass or dark velvets.  Some imagery from a recently completed home is shown below. 


Atelier Aitken Architects and Interior Designers - Ostro Office Bar Reception Black.jpg
atelier aitken noir palette
14BMT Bedroom.jpg
Atelier Aitken Interiors Breamtail Kitchen black.png
Atelier Aitken Breamtail kitchen dining black.jpg
Atelier Aitken Architects and Interior Designers - Ostro Office Black.jpg